The Style Council ‎– Our Favourite Shop (1985)

Our Favourite Shop is the second album by English sophisti-pop combo the Style Council, released in 1985 on Polydor. Stateside, the album was issued on Geffen as Internationalists with the titletrack from the U.K. album replaced by the band’s 1984 single “Shout to the Top.”

A1. “Homebreakers” (5:06)
A2. “All Gone Away” (2:15)
A3. “Come to Milton Keynes” (3:03)
A4. “Internationalists” (3:12)
A5. “A Stones Throw Away” (2:18)
A6. “The Stand Up Comic’s Instructions” (1:31)
A7. “Boy Who Cried Wolf” (5:15)
B1. “A Man of Great Promise” (2:32)
B2. “Down in the Seine” (2:44)
B3. “The Lodgers” (3:57)
B4. “Luck” (2:36)
B5. “With Everything to Lose” (3:54)
B6. “Our Favourite Shop” (2:54)*
B7. “Walls Come Tumbling Down” (3:23)

*Replaced w/ “Shout to the Top” (3:47) in U.S.

Paul Weller – vocals; guitars; bass guitar; synth; producer
Mick Talbot – Hammond organ; keyboards
Steve White – drums; percussion
Dee C. Lee – vocals

Lenny Henry – vocals
Tracie Young – vocals
Alison Limerick – vocals
Camille Hinds – bass
Stewart Prosser – trumpet; flugelhorn
David DeFries – trumpet; flugelhorn
Mike Mower – flute; saxophone
Chris Lawrence – trombone
Clark Kent – contra bass
Gary Wallis – percussion
John Mealing – orchestration; string arrangement
Anne Stephenson – violin
Charlie Buchanan – violin
Jocelyn Pook – viola
Audrey Riley – cello
Peter Wilson – keyboard Sequencing
Patrick Grundy-White – French Horn
Steve Dawson – trumpet
Billy Chapman – saxophone
Kevin Miller – bass
Helen Turner – piano

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