The Staple Singers ‎– City in the Sky (1974)

City in the Sky is an album by American soul/funk/gospel vocal quartet the Staple Singers, released in 1974 on Stax.

A1. “Back Road into Town” (4:19)
A2. “City in the Sky” (3:51)
A3. “Washington We’re Watching You” (3:54)
A4. “Something Ain’t Right” (3:48)
A5. “Today Was Tomorrow Yesterday” (4:16)
B1. “My Main Main” (2:12)
B2. “There Is a God” (3:01)
B3. “Blood Pressure” (3:31)
B4. “If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Another” (4:42)
B5. “Who Made the Man” (4:13)
B6. “Getting Too Big for Your Britches” (4:42)

Pops Staples — vocals
Mavis Staples — vocals
Cleotha Staples — vocals
Pervis Staples — vocals

Al Bell — producer
Larry Nix — mastering, songwriter

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