The Spirit of Atlanta ‎– The Burning of Atlanta (1973)

The Burning of Atlanta is the first and only album by American funk operative the Spirit of Atlanta, released in 1973 on Buddah.

A1. “Hunter Street” (4:10)
A2. “Buttermilk Bottom” (3:49)
A3. “Peachtree Street” (4:40)
A4. “Auburn Avenue” (4:50)
A5. “Vine City” (8:33)
B1. “Freddie’s Alive and Well” (4:24)
B2. “Messin’ Around” (9:34)
B3. “Down Underground” (5:11)

Brass – Cecil Welch, Chris Schenfler, Danny Blalock, James Brown, John Hair, Richard G. Miller
Musician [Rhythm Sections] – Barry Abernathy, Bobby Tate, Charles Terrall, Clarence Carter, G. C. Coleman, J. D. Morris, Steve Carry, Steve Milner, T. C. Jason
Strings – Bill Hutchins, Dawn Rawson, Dick Erorti, Dorothy Alteria, Gene Erwin, Joe Page
Vocals – Barbara Gooden, Donald Daviss, Louise Franklin, T. C. Jason
Woodwind – James Hudson, James Patterson, Joe Jennings, Lloyd Phinazee, Charles “Skip” Lane

Producer, Arranged By – Clarence Carter (A2), Tommy Stewart
Engineer – Ken Laxton
Executive-Producer – Bill Stokes, Johnny Lloyd
Illustration – Wilkes
Written-By – Ed Waller, Tommy Stewart

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