The Spinners ‎– New and Improved (1974)

New and Improved is the fifth album by American soul combo The Spinners, released in 1974 on Atlantic.

A1. “Sitting on Top of the World” (4:42)
A2. “Smile, We Have Each Other” (4:30)
A3. “Then Came You” (3:59)
A4. “There’s No One Like You” (4:16)
B1. “Living a Little, Laughing a Little” (5:03)
B2. “Sadie” (5:26)
B3. “Lazy Susan” (3:34)
B4. “I’ve Got to Make It on My Own” (3:26)

Thom Bell — producer, arranger, conductor, songwriter
Henry Fambrough — baritone vocals
Pervis Jackson — bass vocals
Billy Henderson — tenor vocals
Bobby Smith — tenor vocals
Philippé Wynne — tenor vocals
Bobby Eli — guitar
Don Murray — guitar, engineer, remixer
Tony Bell — guitar
Tom Kennery — steel guitar
Jack Faith — alto saxophone, bass flute
Danny Davis — French horn
Joe De Angelis — French horn
Milton Phibbs — French horn
Walter Pfeil — harp
Edward Cascarella — trombone
Fred Joiner — trombone
Richard Genovese — trombone
Bob Moore — trombone
Rocco Bene — trumpet
Robert Hartzell — trumpet
Don Renaldo Strings — strings
Bob Babbitt — bass
Andrew Smith — drums
Larry Washington — bongos, congas
Barbara Ingram — backing vocals
Evette Benton — backing vocals
Linda Creed — backing vocals, songwriter
Jim Gallagher — engineer
Tom Dwyer — mastering engineer
Dionne Warwick — featured, vocals

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