The Shirts ‎– The Shirts (1978)

The Shirts is the debut album by the namesake American New Wave/art-rock band, released in 1978 on Capitol/Harvest.

A1. “Reduced to a Whisper” (3:28)
A2. “Tell Me Your Plans” (3:10)
A3. “Empty Ever After” (3:52)
A4. “Teenage Crutch” (3:00)
A5. “10th Floor Clown” (4:24)
B1. “The Story Goes” (4:00)
B2. “Lonely Android” (3:55)
B3. “Running Through the Night” (3:46)
B4. “They Say the Sun Shines” (3:29)
B5. “Poe” (3:47)

Bass, Guitar, Vocals – Robert Racioppo
Drums, Vocals, Percussion – John (Zeeek) Criscione
Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards – Arthur La Monica, Ronald Ardito
Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals – John Piccolo
Vocals – Annie Golden

Mastered By [Cutting] – Ken Perry
Mixed By – Paul Hardiman
Photography – Peter Vernon
Producer – Mike Thorne
Design [Shirts Logo] – Larry Racioppo
Engineer [Additional Overdubs] – Pat Stapley
Engineer [Backing Tracks, Lead Vocals] – Gary Edwards
Engineer [Backing Vocals, Instrumental Overdubs] – Roger Bechirian

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