The Psychedelic Furs – Forever Now (1982)

Forever Now is the third album by English New Wave band the Psychedelic Furs, released in 1982 on CBS/Columbia.

A1. Forever Now (5:35)
A2. Love My Way (3:33)
A3. Goodbye (3:55)
A4. Only You and I (4:24)
A5. Sleep Comes Down (3:51)
B1. President Gas (5:19)
B2. Run and Run (3:48)
B3. Danger (2:37)
B4. No Easy Street (4:04)
B5. Yes I Do (3:51)

Richard Butler — vocals
Tim Butler — bass
John Aston — guitar
Vince Ely — drums, percussion

Ann Sheldon — cello
Todd Rundgren — producer, engineer
Gary Windo — horns
Donn Adams — horns
Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan — backing vocals

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