The Pretty Things – S.F. Sorrow (1968)

S.F. Sorrow is the fourth album by English psych-rockers the Pretty Things, released in 1968 on Columbia. Comprised of 13 songs that follow the lifelong journey of one Sebastian F. Sorrow, the album is cited as the first LP-length rock opera.

A1. “S.F. Sorrow Is Born” (3:12)
A2. “Bracelets of Fingers” (3:41)
A3. “She Says Good Morning” (3:23)
A4. “Private Sorrow” (3:51)
A5. “Balloon Burning” (3:51)
A6. “Death” (3:05)
B1. “Baron Saturday” (4:01)
B2. “The Journey” (2:46)
B3. “I See You” (3:56)
B4. “Well of Destiny” (1:46)
B5. “Trust” (2:49)
B6. “Old Man Going” (3:09)
B7. “Loneliest Person” (1:29)

1968 shortplayer:
A. “Talkin’ About the Good Times” (3:40) / B. “Walking Through My Dreams” (3:35)

Phil May — vocals, writer, sleeve design
Dick Taylor — guitar, vocals, writer, photography
Wally Waller — bass, guitar, vocals, piano, wind instruments
John Povey — organ, Mellotron, sitar, percussion, vocals, writer
Twink — drums, vocals, writer
Skip Alan — drums

Norman Smith — producer, writer
Peter Mew — engineer

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