The Pretenders ‎– Pretenders (1980)

Pretenders is the debut album by the namesake English/American New Wave/hard-rock band, released in 1980 on Sire.

A1. “Precious” (3:34)
A2. “The Phone Call” (2:27)
A3. “Up the Neck” (4:24)
A4. “Tattooed Love Boys” (2:58)
A5. “Space Invader” (3:26)
A6. “The Wait” (3:24)
A7. “Stop Your Sobbing” (2:38)
B1. “Kid” (3:04)
B2. “Private Life” (6:23)
B3. “Brass in Pocket” (3:01)
B4. “Lovers of Today” (5:50)
B5. “Mystery Achievement” (5:23)

Chrissie Hynde — guitar, vocals, writer
James Honeyman Scott — guitar, keyboards, vocals, writer
Pete Farndon — bass, vocals, writer
Martin Chambers — vocals

Chris Thomas — keyboards, effects, producer
Bill Price — engineer, mixing
Steve Nye — additional engineer
Nick Lowe — producer (A7)

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