The Power Station ‎– The Power Station (1985)

The Power Station is the debut album by the namesake English/American supergroup, produced by Bernard Edwards and released in 1985 on Parlophone/Capitol. On this release, the band consists of vocalist Robert Palmer, guitarist Andy Taylor, bassist John Taylor, and drummer Tony Thompson.

Conceived as a side-project while the two Taylor’s were on break from Duran Duran, the album became a huge commercial success with two transatlantic hit singles. Before promotions had wrapped, Palmer departed and the project was viewed as a one-off until the nameplate was resurrected for one further album in 1996.

A1. “Some Like It Hot” (5:05)
A2. “Murderess” (4:17)
A3. “Lonely Tonight” (4:00)
A4. “Communication” (3:38)
B1. “Get It On (Bang a Gong)” (5:29)
B2. “Go to Zero” (4:58)
B3. “Harvest for the World” (3:37)
B4. “Still in Your Heart” (3:07)

Robert Palmer – vocals
Andy Taylor – guitars
John Taylor – bass
Tony Thompson – drums

Curtis King Jr, Fonzi Thornton, B.J. Nelson, Charmaine Burch – additional vocals
Lenny Pickett, Mark Pender, Stan Harrison, Hollywood Paul Litteral, Mars Williams – brass
Roger Taylor, Jimmy Bralower – percussive effects
Wally Badarou, David LeBolt, Robert Sabino, Rupert Hine – keyboards

Produced by Bernard Edwards

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