The Police ‎– Synchronicity (1983)

Synchronicity is the fifth album by English modern-rock/reggae trio The Police, released in 1983 on A&M.

A1. “Synchronicity I” (3:23)
A2. “Walking in Your Footsteps” (3:36)
A3. “O My God” (4:02)
A4. “Mother” (3:05)
A5. “Miss Gradenko” (2:00)
A6. “Synchronicity II” (5:00)
B1. “Every Breath You Take” (4:13)
B2. “King of Pain” (4:59)
B3. “Wrapped Around Your Finger” (5:13)
B4. “Tea in the Sahara” (4:11)

Once Upon a Daydream” (3:28)
Someone to Talk To” (3:05)
Murder by Numbers” (4:36)

Sting – bass guitar, keyboards, lead and backing vocals, oboe, drum machine on “Synchronicity I”, saxophone on “O My God”
Andy Summers – electric guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, lead vocals on “Mother”
Stewart Copeland – drums, marimba, percussion, co-lead vocals on “Miss Gradenko”

Tessa Niles – backing vocals
Hugh Padgham – production, engineering

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