The Police – Outlandos d’Amour (1978)

Outlandos d’Amour is the debut album by English new wave rockers The Police, released on November 2, 1978, on A&M.

A1. “Next to You” (2:51)
A2. “So Lonely” (4:48)
A3. “Roxanne” (3:13)
A4. “Hole in My Life” (4:48)
A5. “Peanuts” (3:54)
B1. “Can’t Stand Losing You” (3:02)
B2. “Truth Hits Everybody” (2:53)
B3. “Born in the 50s” (3:42)
B4. “Be My Girl – Sally” (3:24)
B5. “Masoko Tanga” (5:41)

All songs by Sting except A5 (Sting–Copeland) and B4 (Sting–Summers)


  • Sting – bass guitar, lead and backing vocals, harmonica (2), “butt piano” (3)
  • Andy Summers – guitar, backing vocals, spoken word (9), piano (9)
  • Stewart Copeland – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Additional players:

  • Joe Sinclair – piano (4, 10)

Production and packaging:

  • The Police – production, arrangements
  • Tony “Tone” Bridge – mastering
  • Chris Gray – engineering
  • Nigel Gray – engineering
  • Janette Beckman – photography
  • Les May – design
  • Michael Ross – art direction

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