The Parlour Band ‎– Is a Friend? (1972)

Is a Friend? is the singular album by Jersey art-pop five-piece the Parlour Band, released in 1972 on Deram.

A1. “Forgotten Dreams” (2:41)
A2. “Pretty Haired Girl” (2:52)
A3. “Spring’s Sweet Comfort” (5:09)
A4. “Early Morning Eyes” (3:52)
A5. “Follow Me” (4:56)
B1. “Evening” (4:58)
B2. “Don’t Be Sad” (3:21)
B3. “Little Goldie” (3:20)
B4. “To Happiness” (3:01)
B5. “Home” (7:37)

Peter Filleul — lead vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar
Craig Anders — acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar
Mark Ashley Anders — vocals, electric bass
Pix Pickford — vocals, electric guitar
Jerry Robins — percussion

Nick Tauber — producer
Kevin Fuller — engineer
Derek Varnals — engineer

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