The Pale Fountains ‎– … From Across the Kitchen Table (1985)

… From Across the Kitchen Table is the second of two albums by English sophisti-pop band The Pale Fountains, released in 1985 on Virgin.

A1. Shelter (3:12)
A2. Stole the Love (3:52)
A3. Jean’s Not Happening (4:04)
A4. Bicycle Thieves (4:05)
A5. Limit (3:50)
A6. 27 Ways to Get Back Home (2:48)
B1. Bruised Arcade (4:15)
B2. These Are the Things (3:48)
B3. It’s Only Hard (3:06)
B4. …From Across the Kitchen Table (3:55)
B5. Hey (3:48)
B6. September Sting (3:33)

Mick — guitar, vocals, composer
Chris — bass guitar
John — lead guitar
Jock — drums
Andy — brass
Geraldo — percussion, berimbau
Anne — strings
Audrey — strings

Ian Broudie — producer
Marge — backing vocals

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