The Old Man & the Sea ‎– The Old Man & the Sea (1972)

The Old Man & the Sea is the singular album by the namesake Danish symphonic/hard-rock band, released in 1972 on Sonet.

A1. “Living Dead” (7:47)
A2. “Princess” (6:00)
A3. “Jingoism” (6:50)
B1. “Prelude” (1:12)
B2. “The Monk Song, Part 1” (5:50)
B3. “The Monk Song, Part 2” (3:37)
B4. “Going Blind” (10:28)

Knud Lindhard — vocals, bass, writer
Ole Wedel — vocals, percussion, writer
Benny Stanley — guitar, acoustic guitar, writer
John Lundvig — drums, writer
Tommy Hansen — piano, vocals, writer
Poul Åge Hersland — flute

The Old Man & the Sea — producer
Freddy Hansson — producer, recording engineer
Ole Christensen — artwork

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