The Nits ‎– Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof (1984)

Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof is the fifth album by Dutch art-pop band The Nits, released in 1984 on CBS.

A1. “Woman Cactus” (4:25)
A2. “Silly Fool” (3:33)
A3. “Think It Over” (3:52)
A4. “Mask” (3:41)
A5. “Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof” (4:48)
B1. “The Tender Trap” (4:03)
B2. “The Infant King” (4:07)
B3. “Vah Hollanda Seni Seni” (4:30)
B4. “Poor Man’s Pound” (3:06)
B5. “Villa Homesick” (3:50)
B6. “The Ballroom of Romance” (3:40)

1988 CD bonus tracks (inserted between B3 and B4):
9. “Mountains in Minutes” (3:24)
10. “Fanfare” (2:36 )

Drums, Sampler [Kloefonik] – Rob Kloet
Keyboards, Electronic Wind Instrument [Variophon], Vocals – Robert Jan Stips
Violin [Violins Played By] – Esther Apituley
Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals – Michiel Peters
Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals – Henk Hofstede

Engineer – Jaap Eggermont
Producer – The Nits
Arranged By [Horns Arranged By] – Hans Hollestelle, Robert Jan Stips
Arranged By [Violins Arranged By] – Robert Jan Stips
Design [Sleeve Design] – N.T.S., Amsterdam

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