The Neon Philharmonic ‎– The Moth Confesses (1969)

The Moth Confesses is the first of two albums by American orchestral-pop band the Neon Philharmonic, released in 1969 on Warner Bros.-Seven Arts.

A1. “Brilliant Colors” (4:12)
A2. “Cowboy” (2:21)
A3. “The New Life Out There” (5:30)
A4. “Morning Girl” (2:09)
B1. “Midsummer Night” (6:42)
B2. “Little Sparrow” (3:12)
B3. “The Last Time I Saw Jacqueline” (3:40)
B4. “Morning Girl, Later” (2:30)

Kenneth A. Buttrey — drums
Jerry Carrigan — drums
Don Gant — vocals
Dennis Good — Trombone, Brass
Rufus Long — Flute, Piccolo, Wind
Pierre Menard — Strings, Concert Master
Norbert Putnam — Bass, Rhythm
Tupper Saussy — Conductor, Piano, Harpsichord, keyboards
Don Sheffield — Trumpet, Brass
Chuck Wyatt — Flute, Piccolo, Wind
Chip Young — Guitar, Rhythm
Ray Stevens — Rhythm
George Tidwell — Trumpet, Brass
Norris Wilson — Rhythm

Chris Athens — Mastering
Don Gant — producer, engineer

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