The Mysterious Flying Orchestra ‎– The Mysterious Flying Orchestra (1977)

The Mysterious Flying Orchestra is a jazz-funk album by the namesake studio ensemble headed by producer Bob Thiele with a host of notable players, including Charlie Mariano, Larry Coryell, Lonnie Liston Smith, and Steve Marcus. The album was released in 1977 on RCA.

A1. “Improvisational Rondo for Saxophone and Guitar” (7:06)
A2. “Shadows” (7:04)
A3. “A Dream Deferred” (5:24)
B1. “Summer Days” (5:20)
B2. “There Once Was a Man Named John” (5:24)
B3. “Nice ‘n’ Spicy” (6:31)

Bob Thiele — music director, producer, mixing, percussion
Harvey Goldberg — recording engineer, mixing engineer
Nat Hentoff — liner notes
Teresa Brewer — vocals
Charlie Mariano — soprano saxophone
Steve Marcus — soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Bob Mintzer — tenor saxophone
Eddie Daniels — flute, tenor saxophone
Donald Smith — flute
Phil Bodner — tenor saxophone, English horn
Babe Clarke — baritone saxophone
Tony Studd — trombone
Jon Faddis — trumpet, flugelhorn
Lew Soloff — trumpet, flugelhorn
Victor Paz — flugelhorn
Burt Collins — flugelhorn
Larry Coryell — electric guitar
Jerry Friedman — electric guitar
Richard Resnicoff — electric guitar
Gene Bertoncini — acoustic guitar
Don Grolnick — electric piano
Lonnie Liston Smith — electric piano
Pat Rebillot — electric piano
Leroy Leon Pendarvis — Clavinet
Wilbur Bascomb — electric bass
Lawrence Killian — percussion, congas
Guilherme Franco — percussion
George Devens — vibraphone, percussion
Wilby Fletcher — drums
Charles Collins — drums
Andy Newmark — drums
Gloria Agostini — harp
Gene Orloff — violin
Sanford Allen — violin
Noel DaCosta — violin
Julien Barber — violin
Max Ellen — violin
Selwart Clarke — violin
Joseph Malignaggi — violin
Harry Lookofsky — violin
Doreen Callender — violin
Lee Kahn — violin
Max Kahn — violin
Emanuel Green — violin
Sylvan Shulman — violin
Julie Held — violin
Alfred Brown — viola
Alan Shulman — viola
Jesse Levy — viola
Kermit Moore — cello
Ronald DeVaughn — cello
Michael Spivakovsky — cello
Col Fleisig — cello
Horace Ott — arranger
Glenn Osser — arranger

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