The Muffins ‎– Manna/Mirage (1978)

Manna/Mirage is an album by American avant-garde/jazz-rockers The Muffins, released in 1978 on Random Radar Records. The album is the first of two proper studio sets released in the band’s lifetime, though a string of 1975–76 sessions had already produced nearly a double-album’s worth of material.

A1. “Monkey With the Golden Eyes” (3:50)
A2. “Hobart Got Burned” (6:10)
A3. “Amelia Earhart” (15:40 — 1:37-4:26-7:15-11:15-15:36)
B. “The Adventures of Captain Boomerang (For Mike Forrester)” (23:00)*
*(:01-1:07-5:18-6:58-9:27, 9:29-13:11-14:30, 14:57-17:09, 17:39-20:35-22:45)

Billy Swann — bass, piano, guitar, percussion
Paul Sears — drums, gong, xylophone, vibraphone, percussion, pennywhistle
Tom Scott — piccolo, alto flute, c flute, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, B♭ clarinet, alto clarinet, oboe, soprano recorder, percussion, recording engineer
David Newhouse — piano, organ, piccolo, flute, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, whistle, percussion

Colleen Scott — recording engineer
John Schmidt — baritone horn, tuba
Doug Elliot — trombone
Larry Elliot — trumpet
Steve Feigenbaum — guitar
Greg Yaskovitch — trumpet

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