The Muffins ‎– Chronometers (1976)

Chronometers is a collection of pre-LP material by American avant-garde/jazz-rock band The Muffins, recorded between November 1975 and June 1976 and released in 1993 on Cuneiform.

1. “Chronometers” (22:59)
2. “Come What Molten Cloud” (2:52)
3. “Apparently” (3:31)
4. “Courtesy of Your Focal Interest Span” (0:44)
5. “Please Do Not Open Dr. Fischer” (2:23)
6. “The Manilla Robots” (2:21)
7. “Joe Crop on a Toxic Planet” (5:09)
8. “The Bush” (2:41)
9. “Mammoth Hide” (1:34)
10. “Creature Comforts” (1:29)
11. “Like a Machine That Only Works When It’s Working Right” (1:59)
12. “Look at the Size of That Sponge” (1:45)
13. “Early American Ears” (1:15)
14. “Three Days That Won’t Soon Fade” (2:53)
15. “You Eat Them Pears” (5:05)
16. “Peacocks, Leopards, and Glass” (3:38)
17. “Crezner Ok” (3:40)
18. “Blind Cave Tetra” (2:46)
19. “Evening Hataiya” (1:37)
20. “Six Thick Thistle Sticks” (0:31)
21. “L” (1:24)

Stuart Abramowitz — drums, noise
David Newhouse — electric piano, organ, percussion, toy xylophone, voice, recording engineer
Tom Scott — B♭ clarinet, alto clarinet, flute, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, oboe, bell tree, xylophone, melodica, voice
Billy Swann — electric bass, organ, percussion, voice
Michael Zentner — guitar, violin, harmonica, voice

Steve Feigenbaum — executive producer
Brian Rapp — recording engineer

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