The Movies – Bullets Through the Barrier (1978)

Bullets Through the Barrier is the third album by English art-pop/funk-rock band The Movies, released in 1978 on GTO.

A1. “The Last Train” (5:41)
A2. “No Class” (4:00)
A3. “Horror Story” (4:16)
A4. “Berlin” (6:49)
B1. “Blow It All Up and Start All Over Again” (2:14)
B2. “Love on the Run” (6:36)
B3. “Nobody Loves an Iceberg” (3:49)
B4. “Vancant Possession” (4:59)
B5. “Merci and Bye, Bye” (4:39)

Dave Quinn — bass
Jamie Lane — drums
Greg Knowles — guitar
Mick Parker — keyboards
Jon Cole — lead vocals, guitar, slide guitar
Julian Diggle — percussion

James Guthrie — producer, engineer

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