The Move – Move (1968)

Move is the debut album by Brummie pop-rock/psych band The Move, released in 1968 on Regal Zonophone.

A1. “Yellow Rainbow” (2:35)
A2. “Kilroy Was Here” (2:43)
A3. “(Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree” (2:59)
A4. “Weekend” (1:46)
A5. “Walk Upon the Water” (3:22)
A6. “Flowers in the Rain” (2:29)
A7. “Hey Grandma” (3:11)
B1. “Useless Information” (2:56)
B2. “Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart” (2:49)
B3. “The Girl Outside” (2:53)
B4. “Fire Brigade” (2:22)
B5. “Mist on a Monday Morning” (2:30)
B6. “Cherry Blossom Clinic” (2:30)

1968 shortplayers:
A. “Wild Tiger Woman” (2:31) / B. “Omnibus” (3:55)
A. “Blackberry Way” (2:32) / B. “Something” (2:27)

Roy Wood — lead guitar, vocals, writer
Carl Wayne — lead vocals
Trevor Burton — guitar, vocals
Chris “Ace” Kefford — bass, vocals
Bev Bevan — drums, percussion, vocals

Tony Visconti — brass, woodwind
Denny Cordell — producer

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