The Move – Message From the Country (1971)

Message From the Country is the fourth and final album by Brummie art-rock/pop trio The Move, released in June 1971 on Harvest. The recording sessions ran concurrently with the band’s first undertaking as the Electric Light Orchestra — their avant/chamber-rock side project — the fruits of which went public that December.

A1. “Message From the Country” (4:42)
A2. “Ella James” (3:11)
A3. “No Time” (3:38)
A4. “Don’t Mess Me Up” (3:09)
A5. “Until Your Moma’s Gone” (5:02)
B1. “It Wasn’t My Idea to Dance” (5:26)
B2. “The Minister” (4:24)
B3. “Ben Crawley Steel Company” (3:00)
B4. “The Words of Aaron” (5:24)
B5. “My Marge” (1:58)

1971 shortplayers:
A. “Chinatown” / B. “Down on the Bay”
A. “Tonight” / B. “Don’t Mess Me Up”

Roy Wood — oboe, guitar, recorder, steel guitar, bass, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, producer
Jeff Lynne — piano, guitar, electric piano, percussion, producer
Bev (Basher) Bevan — drums, percussion

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