The Maisonettes ‎– Maisonettes for Sale (1983)

Maisonettes for Sale is the singular album by English retro soul/pop act the Maisonettes, released in 1983 on Ready Steady Go!

A1. “Addicted” (3:03)
A2. “Sticks and Stones” (3:37)
A3. “Hot Club” (3:05)
A4. “Lessons in Love” (3:03)
A5. “Nightmares” (2:52)
A6. “Heartache Avenue” (3:04)
B1. “This Affair” (4:08)
B2. “Say It Again” (3:23)
B3. “Roni Come Home” (3:15)
B4. “Daddy Don’t Know” (2:56)
B5. “Lifeboat” (3:57)
B6. “Last One to Know” (4:24)

Piano – Paul Sawtell
Producer – Lol Mason, Mark Tibenham
Saxophone – Billy Paul
Trumpet – Paul Davis

Backing vocals – Cathy Evans, Sue Smythe, Kim Pickett

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