The Mahavishnu Orchestra with John McLaughlin ‎– The Inner Mounting Flame (1971)

The Inner Mounting Flame is the debut album by multinational jazz-rock ensemble the Mahavishnu Orchestra, released in 1971 on Columbia Records.

A1. “Meeting of the Spirits” (6:50)
A2. “Dawn” (5:15)
A3. “The Noonward Race” (6:27)
A4. “A Lotus on Irish Streams” (5:41)
B1. “Vital Transformation” (6:14)
B2. “The Dance of Maya” (7:15)
B3. “You Know You Know” (5:06)
B4. “Awakening” (3:30)

John McLaughlin — guitar, producer, composition
Billy Cobham — drums
Rick Laird — bass
Jan Hammer — piano
Jerry Goodman — violin

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