The Love Unlimited Orchestra ‎– White Gold (1974)

White Gold is an album by the Love Unlimited Orchestra, produced by Barry White and released in 1974 on 20th Century Records. The album appeared during a flurry of activity that also produced the collaborative double-LP Together Brothers that same year.

A1. “Barry’s Love (Part I)” (4:59)
A2. “Satin Soul” (4:15)
A3. “Always Thinking of You” (3:11)
A4. “Power of Love” (3:56)
A5. “Spanish Lei” (4:52)
B1. “You Make Me Feel Like This (When You Touch Me)” (4:26)
B2. “Only You Can Make Me Blue” (3:19)
B3. “Dreaming” (4:35)
B4. “Just Living It Up” (3:37)
B5. “Just Like a Baby” (3:02)
B6. “Barry’s Theme (Part II)” (4:42)

Barry White — producer, arranger, conductor
Gene Page — arranger, conductor

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