The Legendary Pink Dots ‎– The Tower (1984)

The Tower is an album by English art-rock/psych band the Legendary Pink Dots, released in 1984 on In Phaze.

A1. “Black Zone” (3:06)
A2. “Break Day” (3:35)
A3. “Tower One” (5:05)
A4. “Vigil-Anti” (4:24)
A5. “A Lust for Powder” (3:17)
A6. “Poppy Day” (3:57)
B1. “Tower Two” (3:57)
B2. “Astrid” (3:42)
B3. “Rope and Glory” (0:51)
B4. “Tower Three” (4:06)
B5. “Tower Four” (4:44)
B6. “Tower Five” (2:03)

Che Banana (Edward Ka-Spel) – vocals, keyboards, electronics
Phil Harmonix (Phil Knight) – keyboards, electronics, percussion
Stret Majest Alarme (Barry Gray) – guitars
Sybil Strange-Cargo (April Iliffe) – keyboards, vocals
Patrick Paganini Q (Patrick Wright) – violin, keyboards
Roland Calloway – bass

Producer Pat Bermingham

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