The Left Banke – The Left Banke Too (1968)

The Left Banke Too is the second album by American orchestral-pop band the Left Banke, released in 1968 on Smash-subsidiary Mercury.

A1. “Goodbye Holly” (2:58)
A2. “There’s Gonna Be a Storm” (4:19)
A3. “Sing Little Bird Sing” (3:12)
A4. “Nice to See You” (2:44)
A5. “Give the Man a Hand” (2:35)
B1. “Bryant Hotel” (3:26)
B2. “Desiree” (2:44)
B3. “Dark Is the Bark” (3:31)
B4. “In the Morning Light” (2:52)
B5. “My Friend Today” (3:05)

Steve Martin Caro — lead vocals; drums (on “Goodbye Holly”), tambourine (on “Nice To See You”), bass (on “Bryant Hotel”)
Tom Finn — bass, guitar, backing vocals; lead vocals (on “Nice to See You” & “There’s Gonna Be A Storm”)
George Cameron — drums, percussion, backing vocals; lead vocals (on “Goodbye Holly” and “Bryant Hotel”)
Tom Feher — piano; guitar (on “Sing Little Bird” & “Bryant Hotel”)
Michael Brown — piano, organ (on “Desirée” & “In The Morning Light”)

Steve Tallarico — backing vocals (on “Nice to See You”, “Give the Man a Hand”, “Dark is the Bark” & “My Friend Today”), tambourine (“Dark is the Bark”)
Paul Griffin — keyboards (on “Dark is the Bark”)
Paul Leka — string arrangements; piano (on “Bryant Hotel”)
Rick Brand — banjo (on “Bryant Hotel”)
Hugh McCracken — guitar (on “Desirée” & “Dark is the Bark”)
Ralph Casale — guitar (on “Dark is the Bark”)
Marvin Potocki — guitar (on “Give the Man a Hand”)
Chet Amsterdam — bass (on “Dark is the Bark”)
Joe Mack — bass (on “Desirée”)
Bobby Gregg — drums (on “Desirée”)
Artie Schroek — vibraphone, drums, string arrangements (on “Dark is the Bark”)
John Abbott — horn arrangements (on “In the Morning Light”)
Ray Alonge — french horn (on “Dark is the Bark”)
Ray Desio — trombone (on “Dark is the Bark”)
Marvin Stamm — trumpet (on “Dark is the Bark”)
George Young — woodwinds (on “Dark is the Bark”)

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