The L.A. Express ‎– L.A. Express (1976)

L.A. Express is the first autonomous album by American jazz-funk combo L.A. Express, released in 1976 on Caribou. The band recorded two prior albums backing saxist Tom Scott.

A1. “Midnite Flite” (4:40)
A2. “The Shrug” (3:10)
A3. “Suavemente (Gently)” (4:20)
A4. “Cry of the Eagle” (4:10)
A5. “Stairs” (5:20)
B1. “Down the Middle” (3:50)
B2. “It’s Happening Right Now” (5:00)
B3. “Transylvania Choo-Choo” (4:21)
B4. “Western Horizon” (5:17)

Robben Ford — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, writer
Max Bennett — bass, writer
John Guerin — drums, percussion, writer
Victor Feldman — keyboards, synthesizer, vibraphone, percussion, writer
David Luell — tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone

L.A. Express — producer, mixer

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