The Jam ‎– Sound Affects (1980)

Sound Affects is the fifth album by English New Wave/pop-rock trio The Jam, released in 1980 on Polydor.

A1. “Pretty Green” (2:33)
A2. “Monday” (3:02)
A3. “But I’m Different Now” (1:52)
A4. “Set the House Ablaze” (5:02)
A5. “Start!” (2:29)
A6. “That’s Entertainment” (3:38)
B1. “Dream Time” (3:50)
B2. “Man in the Corner Shop” (3:12)
B3. “Music for the Last Couple” (3:41)
B4. “Boy About Town” (1:59)
B5. “Scrape Away” (3:59)

1980 shortplayer:
A. “Going Underground” (2:52) / B. “The Dreams of Children” (3:07)

Paul Weller — guitars, keyboards, vocals, songwriter
Bruce Foxton — bass, backing vocals, songwriter
Rick Buckler — drums, songwriter

Vic Coppersmith-Heaven — producer
Laurent — voice

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  1. Vic was one of the most innovative producers of that era. His ability to separate the instruments in the mix and make all the nuances stand apart were integral to the Jam’s impact on record.

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