The Jam ‎– All Mod Cons (1978)

All Mod Cons is the third album by English pop/rock trio The Jam, released in 1978 on Polydor.

A1. “All Mod Cons” (1:18)
A2. “To Be Someone (Didn’t We Have a Nice Time)” (2:29)
A3. “Mr. Clean” (3:28)
A4. “David Watts” (2:55)
A5. “English Rose” (2:48)
A6. “In the Crowd” (5:40)
B1. “Billy Hunt” (3:00)
B2. “It’s Too Bad” (2:35)
B3. “Fly” (3:20)
B4. “The Place I Love” (2:54)
B5. “‘A’ Bomb in Wardour Street” (2:37)
B6. “Down in the Tube Station at Midnight” (4:43)

Paul Weller — vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, piano, writer
Bruce Foxton — vocals, bass, guitar
Rick Buckler — drums, percussion

Vic Coppersmith-Heaven — producer, engineer
Peter Kodick — photography
Chris Parry — associate producer

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