The Idle Race – The Birthday Party (1968)

The Birthday Party is the debut album by Brummie pop-psych foursome the Idle Race, released in 1968 on Liberty.

A1. “The Skeleton and the Roundabout” (2:26)*
A2. “Happy Birthday” (0:23)
A3. “The Birthday” (3:00)
A4. “I Like My Toys” (2:12)
A5. “Morning Sunshine” (1:48)
A6. “Follow Me, Follow” (2:48)
A7. “Sitting in My Tree” (2:00)
B1. “On With the Show” (2:22)
B2. “Lucky Man” (2:38)
B3. “Don’t Put Your Boys in the Army, Mrs. Ward” (2:14)
B4. “Pie in the Sky” (2:27)
B5. “The Lady Who Said She Could Fly” (2:22)
B6. “End of the Road” (2:09)

*B-side: “Knocking Nails Into My House

Dave Pritchard — rhythm guitar, vocals, writer
Jeff Lynne — vocals, lead guitar, writer
Greg Masters — bass guitar, vocals
Roger Spencer — drums, vocals

Edward Offord — engineer, arranger
Gerald Chevin — engineer, arranger
Cy Payne — arranger

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