The Housemartins ‎– London 0 Hull 4 (1986)

London 0 Hull 4 is the first of two albums by English pop/rock foursome The Housemartins, released in 1986 on Go! Discs.

A1. “Happy Hour” (2:21)
A2. “Get Up Off Our Knees” (3:22)
A3. “Flag Day” (5:25)
A4. “Anxious” (2:19)
A5. “Reverends Revenge” (1:27)
A6. “Sitting on a Fence” (2:57)
B1. “Sheep” (2:17)
B2. “Over There” (2:57)
B3. “Think for a Minute” (3:30)
B4. “We’re Not Deep” (2:15)
B5. “Lean on Me” (4:28)
B6. “Freedom” (3:20)

Norman Cook – bass, vocals
Hugh Whitaker – drums, vocals
P.d. Heaton – lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, melodica
Stan Cullimore – guitar, vocals

David Storey – album cover design
Producer – John Williams

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