The Free Design ‎– Heaven / Earth (1969)

Heaven / Earth is the fourth album by American pop-vocal act the Free Design, released in 1969 on Project 3 Records.

A1. “My Very Own Angel” (3:00)
A2. “Now Is the Time” (2:14)
A3. “If I Were a Carpenter” (3:17)
A4. “You Be You and I’ll Be Me” (2:34)
A5. “Girls Alone” (3:55)
A6. “2002 – A Hit Song” (2:34)
B1. “Summertime” (3:36)
B2. “Where Do I Go (From “Hair”)” (2:14)
B3. “Hurry Sundown” (3:04)
B4. “Memories” (3:39)
B5. “Dorian Benediction” (4:27)

CD bonus:
Settlement Boy

Enoch Light — producer

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