The Enid – In the Region of the Summer Stars (1976)

In the Region of the Summer Stars is the debut album by English symphonic-rock band The Enid, released in 1976 on Buk.

A1. “The Fool.. ..The Falling Tower” (6:16)
A2. “Death, The Reaper” (3:59)
A3. “The Lovers” (5:17)
A4. “The Devil” (4:14)
B1. “The Sun” (4:39)
B2. “The Last Judgement” (8:12)
B3. “In the Region of the Summer Stars” (6:19)

Robert John Godfrey — keyboard
Stephen Stewart — guitar
Francis Lickerish — guitar
Glen Tollet — bass, tuba, keyboard
Neil Cavanaugh — flute
Dave Storey — drums, percussion
Dave Hancock — trumpet

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