The Cure ‎– Three Imaginary Boys (1979)

Three Imaginary Boys is the debut album by English New Wave band The Cure, released in 1979 on Fiction. The album was re-sequenced with some of the band’s concurrent singles and released stateside on PVC as Boys Don’t Cry.

A1. “10:15 Saturday Night” (3:41)
A2. “Accuracy” (2:18)
A3. “Grinding Halt” (2:49)
A4. “Another Day” (3:44)
A5. “Object” (3:03)
A6. “Subway Song” (2:01)
B1. “Foxy Lady” (2:29)
B2. “Meat Hook” (2:18)
B3. “So What” (2:37)
B4. “Fire in Cairo” (3:23)
B5. “It’s Not You” (2:49)
B6. “Three Imaginary Boys” (3:17)
B7. “The Weedy Burton” (1:04)

Tracklist (Boys Don’t Cry):
A1. “Jumping Someone Else’s Train” (2:57)
A2. “Boys Don’t Cry” (2:50)
A3. “Plastic Passion” (2:49)
A4. “10:15 Saturday Night” (2:40)
A5. “Accuracy” (2:15)
A6. “Object” (2:58)
A7. “Subway Song” (1:57)
B1. “Killing an Arab” (2:30)
B2. “Fire in Cairo” (3:20)
B3. “Another Day” (3:42)
B4. “Grinding Halt” (2:49)
B5. “World War” (2:30)
B6. “Three Imaginary Boys” (3:12)


Robert Smith — guitar, vocals, songwriter
Michael Dempsey — bass guitar, vocals, songwriter
Lol Tolhurst — drums, songwriter

Mike Hedges — engineer
Chris Parry — producer
Bill Smith — design, photography, illustration
Martyn Goddard — photography
David Dragon — illustration
Connie Jude — illustration
Mike Dutton — assistant engineer

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