The Cure ‎– The Head on the Door (1985)

The Head on the Door is the sixth full-length album by English art rock band The Cure, released in 1985 on Fiction/Polydor/Elektra.

“Six Different Ways” – Four-part intro: Fade in strings, high C, 6/8 drum pattern, bubbling kalimba, ¾ piano figure in C (root/fifth) @:15… cello kicks in @:25 imposing a 7th (Bflat) then a 4th (F) onto the C… Main theme (xylophone key-tone melody) commences @:38, interspersed with light glissandos, flickering harmonic tones over a C-B/C-Am progression in ¾, first chordal plunge @:55 (Em-F x2) under ongoing theme, spinning-top/trinket sounds… Smith enters @ 1:02, lending a distinct, pained vocal melody to complement the theme, soaring on the bridge “I’ll tell the anything at all” (lyrics that might be about the six people that are most integral to his career and how he deals with them internally vs. externally) … brief synth-string break at 1:25, wood tapping surfaces… vocal bridge @1:45 (“It’s that American voice again” perhaps about the expectations of the U.S. market, which the band was on the verge of breaking), another verse… resprise of last break @ 2:10 with makeshift percussion (plastic garbage cans?).. final verse/bridge round, musical elements (kalimba, xylo-key theme, piano figure) weave harmonically under Smith’s vocal… ends abruptly after the line “Not one of you is the same”—a strong Gentle Giant influence here (particularly “Give It Back” and “So Sincere”), bring Smith full circle with his mid-70s art rock inspirations. This album is like an index of his ‘70s influences: The Strangers (“Screw”), Split Enz (“In Between Days,” “Sinking”)… similar to how Echo’s embrace of art rock on Porcupine… elements of this album could also be compared with tracks like “The Cutter” and “Never Stop”


A1. In Between Days* (2:55)
A2. Kyoto Song (4:00)
A3. The Blood (3:42)
A4. Six Different Ways (3:16)
A5. Push (4:28)
B1. The Baby Screams (3:43)
B2. Close to Me** (3:23)
B3. A Night Like This (4:12)
B4. Screw (2:35)
B5. Sinking (4:50)

*12″ single b-sides — The Exploding Body / A Few Hours After This
**12″ single b-sides —
Stop Dead / A Man Inside My Mouth

Robert Smith — vocals, guitar, keyboards, songwriter, producer
Simon Gallup — bass guitar
Porl Thompson — guitar, keyboards
Boris Williams — drums, percussion
Lol Tolhurst — keyboards

David M. Allen — producer, engineer

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  1. Disiac “The Game” bleeds “The Blood.”

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