The Cult ‎– Love (1985)

Love is the second album by English goth/metal band The Cult, released in 1985 on Beggars Banquet/Sire.

A1. Nirvana (5:24)
A2. Big Neon Glitter (4:56)
A3. Love (5:31)
A4. Brother Wolf, Sister Moon (6:47)
A5. Rain (3:55)
B1. The Phoenix (5:04)
B2. Hollow Man (4:45)
B3. Revolution (5:25)
B4. She Sells Sanctuary (4:21)
B5. Black Angel (5:25)

Ian Astbury — vocals, songwriter
William H. Duffy — guitar, songwriter, backing vocals
Jamie Stewart — bass, keyboards, strings, backing vocals
Mark Brzezicki — drums
Nigel Preston — drums

Steve Brown — producer, engineer
Jackie Challenor — backing vocals
Lorenza Johnson — backing vocals
Mae McKenna — backing vocals

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