The Colourfield ‎– Virgins and Philistines (1985)

Virgins and Philistines is the first of two albums by English sophisti-pop trio The Colourfield, released in 1985 on Chrysalis.

Tracklist (UK issue):
A1. Thinking of You (3:27)
A2. Faint Hearts (4:16)
A3. Castles in the Air (3:40)
A4. Take (4:05)
A5. Cruel Circus (3:58)
B1. Hammond Song (4:24)
B2. Virgins and Philistines (3:52)
B3. Yours Sincerely (3:38)
B4. Armchair Theatre (4:58)
B5. Sorry (3:14)

Tracklist (US issue):
A1. Can’t Get Enough of You Baby (2:20)
A2. Pushing Up Daisies (4:03)
A3. Faint Hearts (3:56)
A4. Castles in the Air (3:53)
A5. Take (4:08)
A6. Thinking of You (3:20)
B1. The Colourfield (2:51)
B2. Cruel Circus (3:56)
B3. Hammond Song (4:24)
B4. Your Love Was Smashing (3:54)
B5. Virgins and Philistines (3:54)
B6. Sorry (3:19)

Terry Hall — instruments, voice, writer
Toby Lyons — voice, writer
Karl Shale — instruments, voice
Paul Burgess — drums
Pete de Freitas — drums
Preston Heyman — percussion
Ian Nelson — clarinet
Katrina Phillips — backing vocals

Hugh Jones — producer

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