The Clash – Sandinista (1980)

Sandinista is the fourth album by English rock/reggae band The Clash, released in 1980 as a triple-LP set on CBS/Epic.

A1. “The Magnificent Seven” (5:31)
A2. “Hitsville U.K.” (4:22)
A3. “Junco Partner” (4:52)
A4. “Ivan Meets G.I. Joe” (3:05)
A5. “The Leader” (1:42)
A6. “Something About England” (3:42)
B1. “Rebel Waltz” (3:25)
B2. “Look Here” (2:45)
B3. “The Crooked Beat” (5:28)
B4. “Somebody Got Murdered” (3:34)
B5. “One More Time” (3:32)
B6. “One More Dub” (3:34)
C1. “Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)” (4:49)
C2. “Up in Heaven (Not Only Here)” (4:32)
C3. “Corner Soul” (2:42)
C4. “Let’s Go Crazy” (4:24)
C5. “If Music Could Talk” (4:36)
C6. “The Sound of the Sinners” (4:01)
D1. “Police on My Back” (3:16)
D2. “Midnight Log” (2:09)
D3. “The Equalizer” (5:46)
D4. “The Call Up” (5:28)
D5. “Washington Bullets” (3:31)
D6. “Broadway” (5:48)
E1. “Lose This Skin” (5:07)
E2. “Charlie Don’t Surf” (4:54)
E3. “Mensforth Hill” (3:42)
E4. “Junkie Slip” (2:48)
E5. “Kingston Advice” (2:37)
E6. “The Street Parade” (3:28)
F1. “Version City” (4:21)
F2. “Living in Fame” (4:50)
F3. “Silicone on Sapphire” (4:17)
F4. “Version Pardner” (5:22)
F5. “Career Opportunities” (2:30)
F6. “Shepherds Delight” (3:29)

Joe Strummer – lead and backing vocals, guitar
Mick Jones – guitar, backing and lead vocals
Paul Simonon – bass guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on “The Crooked Beat”
Topper Headon – drums, lead vocals on “Ivan Meets G.I. Joe” and backing vocals in “The Sound of Sinners”
Tymon Dogg (credited as ‘Timon Dogg’) – vocals & violin on “Lose This Skin”, violin on “Lightning Strikes (Not Once but Twice)”, “Something About England”, “Mensforth Hill”, “Junco Partner” and “The Equaliser”, keyboard on “Sound of the Sinners”
Mickey Gallagher (Blockheads) – keyboards
Norman Watt-Roy (Blockheads) – bass guitar on “The Magnificent Seven”
J.P. Nicholson (also one of the album’s engineers)
Ellen Foley – co-lead vocal on “Hitsville U.K.”
Davey Payne (Blockheads) – saxophone on “Ivan Meets G.I. Joe”, “Something About England”, “The Crooked Beat”, “If Music Could Talk”, “Lose This Skin” and “Mensford Hill”
Rick Gascoigne – trombone on “Ivan Meets G.I. Joe”, “Something About England”, “Lose This Skin”, “Mensford Hill” and “The Street Parade”
Band Sgt. Dave Yates – Drill Sergeant on “The Call Up”
Den Hegarty (Darts) – vocals
Luke & Ben Gallagher – vocals on “Career Opportunities”
Maria Gallagher – coda vocals on “Broadway”
Gary Barnacle – saxophone on “Ivan Meets G.I. Joe”, “Something About England”, “The Crooked Beat”, “Lose This Skin”, “Mensford Hill” and “The Street Parade”
Arthur Edward “Bill” Barnacle (Gary’s father) – trumpet on ” Ivan Meets G.I. Joe”, “Something About England”, “Lose This Skin” and “The Street Parade”
Jody Linscott – percussion
Ivan Julian (Voidoids) – guitar
Noel “Tempo” Bailey (aka Sowell, reggae artist/session man) – guitar
Anthony Nelson Steelie (Wycliffe Johnson of Steely and Clevie)
Lew Lewis (Eddie and the Hot Rods) – harmonica on “Junco Partner”, “Look Here”, “Corner Soul”, “Midnight Log”, “The Equaliser”, “Version City” and “Version Pardner”
Gerald Baxter-Warman
Terry McQuade (had a small role in Rude Boy)
Rudolph Adolphus Jordan
Mikey Dread – vocals on “The Crooked Beat”, “One More Time”, “Living in Fame” and “Look Here”
The Clash – producers
Bill Price – chief engineer

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