The Clash – Combat Rock (1982)

Combat Rock is the fifth album by English rock/reggae band The Clash, released in 1982 on CBS/Epic.

A1. “Know Your Rights” (3:40)
A2. “Car Jamming” (4:00)
A3. “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” (3:09)
A4. “Rock the Casbah” (3:43)
A5. “Red Angel Dragnet” (3:45)
A6. “Straight to Hell” (5:32)
B1. “Overpowered by Funk” (4:52)
B2. “Atom Tan” (2:30)
B3. “Sean Flynn” (4:32)
B4. “Ghetto Defendant” (4:44)
B5. “Inoculated City” (2:41)
B6. “Death Is a Star” (3:13)

Topper Headon — drums, piano, bass
Mick Jones — lead guitar, writer, sound effects, keyboards, lead vocals
Kosmo Vinyl — vocals
Gary Barnacle — saxophone
Poly Mandell — keyboards
Tymon Dogg — piano
Joe Ely — backing vocals
Ellen Foley — backing vocals
Futura 2000 — vocals
Allen Ginsberg — vocals, lyrics
Paul Simonon — bass, backing vocals, lead vocals
Joe Strummer — lead vocals, backing vocals, lead guitar, piano, writer
Glyn Johns — engineer, mixing

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