The Broughtons ‎– Superchip (1982)

Superchip is the second of two albums released by the Edgar Broughton Band under the truncated nameplate “The Broughtons.” The album was released in 1982 on Babylon and reissued in 1996 on See For Miles with the title suffixed as Superchip – The Final Silicon Solution? If counted as an EBB release, this would be their eighth studio album.

A1. “Metal Sunday” (2:10)
A2. “Superchip” (4:26)
A3. “Who Only Fade Away” (2:20)
A4. “Curtain” (2:20)
A5. “Outrageous Behaviour” (2:50)
A6. “Not So Funny Farm” (2:21)
A7. “Nighthogs” (1:52)
B1. “Innocent Bystanders” (2:49)
B2. “Pratfall” (2:56)
B3. “Overdose (O.D. 47600/1162/111800)” (2:48)
B4. “Do You Wanna Be Immortal” (3:04)
B5. “Subway Information” (1:43)
B6. “The Last Electioneer” (3:00)
B7. “Goodbye Ancient Homeland” (2:58)

Edgar Broughton — vocals, guitar, vocoder, producer
Steve Broughton — vocals, drums, percussion, marimba, producer
Arthur Grant — bass guitar, vocals
Tom Nordon — guitar, vocals
Dennis Haynes — keyboards, piano, vocals
Duncan Bridgeman — keyboards

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