The Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Band ‎– B B & Q (1981)

The Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Band is the debut album by the namesake NY soul/funk group, colloquially known by the acronym BB&Q. The album was recorded at Fonoprint Studios in Bologna, Italy, and released in 1981 on Capitol.

A1. “On the Beat” (5:55)
A2. “Time for Love” (6:05)
A3. “Don’t Say Goodbye” (3:47)
B1. “Starlette” (4:57)
B2. “Mistakes” (4:40)
B3. “Lovin’s What We Should Do” (5:06)
B4. “I’ll Cut You Loose” (5:18)

Peewee Ford — Bass
Terry Silverlight — Drums
Paolo Gianolio — Guitar
Mauro Malavasi — Piano and synthesizers
Kevin Nance — Keyboards
Ike Floyd — Vocals

Bobby Douglas — soloist, vocals, backing vocals
Gordon Grody — soloist, vocals, backing vocals
Daniel Trimboli — saxophone
Rudy Trevisi — saxophone, writer
Bob Alexander — trombone
Vitín Paz — trumpet
Earl Gardner — trumpet
Diva Gray — backing vocals
Luther Vandross — backing vocals
Fanzi Thornton — backing vocals
Robin Clark — backing vocals
The Goody Music String Ensemble — strings

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