The Bliss Band ‎– Dinner With Raoul (1978)

Dinner With Raoul is the first of two albums by English/American jazz-pop five-piece the Bliss Band, released in 1978 on Columbia.

A1. “Rio” (3:37)
A2. “Over the Hill” (3:19)
A3. “Slipaway” (3:42)
A4. “Don’t Do Me Any Favours” (4:01)
A5. “On the Highway” (3:25)
B1. “Right Place, Right Time” (5:12)
B2. “Stay a Little Longer” (3:04)
B3. “Here Goes” (4:22)
B4. “Whatever Happened” (4:03)
B5. “Take It If You Need It” (2:55)

Bass, Vocals – Andy Brown
Drums, Percussion – Nigel Elliott
Guitar, Vocals – Phil Palmer
Keyboards – Alan Park
Keyboards, Vocals – Paul Bliss

Producer – Jeff Baxter

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