The Beat ‎– Special Beat Service (1982)

Special Beat Service is the third and final album by English New Wav/ska-pop/reggae band The Beat, released in 1982 on Go Feet/I.R.S.

A1. “I Confess” (4:35)
A2. “Jeanette” (2:49)
A3. “Sorry” (2:44)
A4. “Sole Salvation” (3:24)
A5. “Spar Wid Me” (5:17)
A6. “Rotating Heads” (3:25)
B1. “Save It for Later” (3:37)
B2. “She’s Going” (2:10)
B3. “Pato and Roger a Go Talk” (3:26)
B4. “Sugar & Stress” (2:54)
B5. “End of the Party” (3:30)
B6. “Ackee 1 2 3” (3:10)

Ranking Roger – Toasting, vocals, percussion
Dave Wakeling – Vocals, guitar
David Steele – Bass, banjo
Andy Cox – Guitar, mandolin
Everett Morton – Drums
Saxa – Saxophone
Wesley Magoogan – Clarinet, lyricon, saxophone, sax FX unit
Dave “Blockhead” Wright – Keyboards, piano

Bob Sargeant – Telephone, marimba
Marc Fox – Percussion
Jack Emblow – Accordion
M. Mishra (John Chao) – Tabla
Vince Sullivan – Trombone
Dave Lord – Trumpet
Steve Sidwell – Trumpet
Pato Banton – Toasting

Bob Sargeant – Producer
Trevor Hallesy – Engineer


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