The Alan Parsons Project ‎– Pyramid (1978)

Pyramid is the third album by the Alan Parsons Project, released in 1978 on Arista.

A1. “Voyager” (2:24)
A2. “What Goes Up…” (3:31)
A3. “The Eagle Will Rise Again” (4:20)
A4. “One More River” (4:15)
A5. “Can’t Take It With You” (5:06)
B1. “In the Lap of the Gods” (5:27)
B2. “Pyramania” (2:45)
B3. “Hyper-Gamma-Spaces” (4:19)
B4. “Shadow of a Lonely Man” (5:34)

Acoustic Guitar – Alan Parsons, David Paton, Ian Bairnson
Bass – David Paton
Drums – Stuart Elliot
Electric Guitar – Ian Bairnson
Keyboards – Duncan Mackay, Eric Woolfson
Percussion – Stuart Elliot
Vocals – Colin Blunstone (A3) , David Paton (A2), Dean Ford (A2, A5), Jack Harris (B2), John Miles (B4), Lenny Zakatek (A4)

Producer, writer – Alan Parsons
Executive-Producer, writer – Eric Woolfson
Engineer [Assistant] – Chris Blair, Pat Stapley
Mastered By – Chris Blair
Orchestra and Choir, Choirmaster – Bob Howes
Conductor – Andrew Powell
Design [Cover] – Hipgnosis

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