The Alan Bown ‎– The Alan Bown! (1969)

The Alan Bown! is the second album by the rock/soul ensemble led by English trumpeter Alan Bown, released in 1969 on Deram. The album features vocals by a young Robert Palmer, who replaced breakout star Jess Roden for these sessions.

A1. “My Firend” (3:06)*
A2. “Strange Little Friend” (2:21)
A3. “Elope” (3:21)
A4. “Perfect Day” (3:00)
A5. “All I Can Do” (2:44)
A6. “Friends in St. Louis” (2:29)
B1. “The Prisoner” (10:09)
B2. “Kick Me Out” (2:57)
B3. “Children of the Night” (2:55)
B4. “Gypsy Girl” (2:30)

*Replaced with “Still as Stone” (2:46) on U.S. issue.

Alan Bown — trumpet, flugelhorn, maracas
Vic Sweeney — drums, percussion, lead vocals
Stan Haldane — electric bass
Tony Catchpole — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Jeff Bannister — organ
John Anthony — tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, recorder, clarinet
John Hemmings — trombone
Robert Palmer — lead vocals, percussion

Mike Hurst — producer
Terry Johnson — engineer

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