The Adverts ‎– Crossing the Red Sea with the Adverts

Crossing the Red Sea with the Adverts is the debut album by English rockers The Adverts, released in 1978 on Bright Records.

A1. “One Chord Wonders” (2:49)
A2. “Bored Teenagers” (1:44)
A3. “New Church” (2:26)
A4. “On the Roof” (3:01)
A5. “Newboys” (3:13)
A6. “Bombsite Boy” (3:28)
B1. “No Time to Be 21” (2:36)
B2. “Safety in Numbers” (3:15)
B3. “Drowning Men” (2:18)
B4. “On Wheels” (3:17)
B5. “Great British Mistake” (3:46)

CD reissue bonus tracks:
Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” (2:17)
New Day Dawning” (2:40)

T.V. Smith — songwriter, vocals
Howard Pickup — guitar
Gaye Advert — bass
Laurie Driver — drums

John Leckie — producer
Nicholas De Ville — design
Martin Durrant — photography

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