The Adicts ‎– Sound of Music (1982)

Sound of Music is the second album by theatrical English punk-rockers The Adicts, released in 1982 on Razor Records.

A1. “How Sad
A2. “4321
A3. “Chinese Takeaway
A4. “Johnny Was a Soldier
A5. “Disco”
A6. “Eyes in the Back of Your Head
B1. “Joker in the Pack
B2. “Lullaby
B3. “My Baby Got Run Over By a Steamroller
B4. “A Man’s Gotta Do”
B5. “Let’s Go
B6. “Easy Way Out
B7. “Shake Rattle, Bang Your Head”

1982 b-side:
Too Young

Bass – Mel
Drums [Drum Dubs] – Tim
Drums, Vocals – Kid
Guitar [Guitars], Piano, Vocals – Pete
Violin – Pete Beaumont
Vocals – Monkey

Engineer, Mixed By – Jess Sutcliffe
Producer – Harry T. Murlowski, Steve Tannet
Artwork – Carol

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