Terumasa Hino Quintet ‎– Hi-Nology (1969)

Hi-Nology is an album by Japanese post-bop/free-jazz trumpeter Terumasa Hino, recorded live with a quintet featuring pianist Hiromasa Suzuki and drummer Motohiko Hino. The album was originally released in 1969 as part of Columbia Records’ Takt Jazz Series.

A1. “Like Miles” (9:54)
A2. “Electric Zoo” (12:30)
B1. “Hi-Nology” (14:29)
B2. “Dupe” (7:02)

Terumasa Hino — trumpet
Takeru Muraoka — tenor sax
Hiromasa Suzuki — electric piano
Kunimitsu Inaba — electric bass
Motohiko Hino — drums

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