Terje Rypdal ‎– Odyssey (1975)

Odyssey is the fifth solo album by Norwegian jazz guitarist Terje Rypdal, originally released in 1975 as a two-LP set on ECM.

A1. “Darkness Falls” (3:27)
A2. “Midnite” (16:37)
B1. “Adagio” (13:09)
B2. “Better Off Without You” (7:31)
C1. “Over Birkerot” (4:42)
C2. “Fare Well” (11:22)
C3. “Ballade” (5:55)
D. “Rolling Stone” (23:54)

Terje Rypdal — electric guitar, strings, soprano saxophone, composer
Torbjørn Sunde — trombone
Brynjulf Blix — organ
Sveinung Hovensjø — electric bass
Svein Christiansen — drums

Jan Erik Kongshaug — engineer
Giuseppe Pino — photography
B. Wojirsch — cover design
Manfred Eicher — producer

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